Dinner Menu


U-10 Shrimp Cocktail    4 ea 

Preserved Tomato & Horseradish

Oysters on the Half Shell    3 ea
Classic Accompaniments

Little Necks  2 ea


       Crab Cocktail     17

Old Bay Aioli &  Lemon

Spicy Tuna Roll    17

Seaweed Wrapped, Diced Bluefin, Sushi Rice

Wasabi Caviar, Spicy Mayonnaise




 Domestic & Imported Meat and Cheese Board     27  

Pickles,  Preserved Fruit, Crostini 

Lump Crab Cake       23
Tempura Fried,  Nori Wrapped

Red Pepper, Chive & Chili Oil, Chipotle Aioli

Crispy Beef    23
Fried Tenderloin, Ponzu Glaze, Broccolini, Chives   

 Tempura Fried Chicken    17

House Sweet and Sour 

Oysters Rockefeller      19
Spinach,  Garlic,  Bearnaise

Lamb Meatballs      17
Rouge Pomodoro, Fontina, Parmesan

 Basil Oil, Herbed Crostini

Tuna Tataki    23

Seared Bluefin,  Cucumber, Green Onion 

 Crispy Wontons, Ginger Soy Butter

Seranno Wontons   13

Boursin, Serrano Pepper, Raspberry,  House Sweer & Sour

Beef Tartare    23

Filet Mignon, Capers,  Shallots,  EVOO,  House Chips  

Point Judith Calamari    17

Arrabbiata Style, Peppadew  

Shrimp Tempura Roll     19

 Tempura Fried, Shrimp  

Ginger Soy Butter,  Scallions



 Tomato Bisque      9  

Basil &  Whipped Ricotta  

     Lobster Bisque      16  

      Knuckle & Claw, Chive Oil

Heirloom Tomato     12

EVOO, Crushed Olive, Herb Infused Ricotta,  Fleur de Sel

Classic Caesar      12
  Brioche Croutons, Parmigiano – Reggiano, Garlic, Lemon

    House Nicoise        12

Greens, Tomato, Haricots verts, Olives, Red Onion

Boiled Egg, Fingerling, House Vinaigrette   




The Gold Burger    45 

24K, Wagyu Beef, Bacon & Onion Jam, Gruyere

Chipotle Aioli, Fried Pickle, Parmesan & Truffle Fries  

Bolognese   29
Fresh Pasta,  Sweet Sausage, Short Rib 

House Blend Prime Beef, Whipped Ricotta, Basil Oil

 Beef Wellington    57

Puff Pastry Wrapped Filet Mignon,  Dijon Rub, D’ Uxelles

Whipped Potato, Red Wine Demi Glace 

 Lobster Thermidor     49

1.5 LB, Garlic,  Shallots,  Sauteed Leeks, Sherry Cream

Cremini Mushrooms, Whipped Potato, Baby Carrot

Statler Chicken    33

Brined, Pan Seared, Sweet Corn Polenta

Port Wine & Cremini Mushroom

    Encrusted Halibut     37

Pan Seared, Pistachio Crust

Parmesan Fregola, Lemon Beurre Blanc

Chateaubriand    45

Roasted Tenderloin, Whipped Potato

Asparagus, Baby Carrot, Red Wine Demi Glace

       Faroe Island Salmon      33

Heirloom Tomato Risotto, Roasted Leeks, Capers

Mustard Seed & Lemon Meuniere

Rack Of Lamb    45

Herb Crusted, Dauphinoise Potato

 Carrot Gratin, Dijon Demi Glace

Linguini   33

Housemade Linquini, Little Necks, Shrimp, Shallots 

Garlic, White Wine, Lemon

Ribeye    57
22oz Certified Prime, Fingerling Potato 

 Garlic Butter, Chimichuri, Tomato Provencal 

Crispy Duck à l’orange   37

Fried Rice, Broccolini, Orange Gastrique, Hoisen

  Surf & Turf    39
Tenderloin Steak Tips, Marinated U-10 Shrimp

Dauphinoise Potato, Ginger Soy Butter, Tomato Provencal                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



*Please inform your server of any allergies*