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French Restaurants Eastern CT

When you are looking French restaurants in Eastern CT, the best around is ANYA Restaurant. We are proud to offer Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island residents fine French cuisine in the beautiful town of Thompson, CT. We use only the best, freshest, and most flavorful ingredients to inform our menu offerings. ANYA cooks with New England-sourced ingredients to deliver an intense French flavor experience. Come to ANYA when you want the best French cuisine in eastern Connecticut.

Whether you are looking to enjoy sophisticated French dining and wine or are looking to host a memorable corporate event, ANYA has the dining spaces to accommodate your needs. At ANYA, we embrace our New England roots while drawing on the distinct flavors characterized by authentic French cuisine. We source only the best  cheeses, produce, meats, and seafood.

Come and experience the atmosphere of joie de vivre that ANYA provides. We are the destination for French dining in eastern Connecticut. Come and enjoy the beautiful rolling hills of Thompson while sampling cuisine that transports you to France. Are you looking for an evening of romance? We have the dining space to accommodate intimate dinners as well. ANYA offers an extensive selection of cocktails, wine, and fine food to suit you and your company’s varied tastes. If you are looking for fine French dining with impeccable service, ANYA in Thompson is the destination for you.

ANYA is your destination for French dining in eastern Connecticut.  Come and enjoy the beauty of southern New England while dining on the best in French restaurants. Call 860-315-5959 today to make a reservation.


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